Foreword from the FOUNDER

I believe in providing permanent relief to the under privileged families who otherwise would not get an opportunity due to personal or country circumstances. The principle is that, all human beings are created equal and deserve equal opportunity in this world. I strongly believe that one should not hesitate to spend one’s wealth for the sake of God. In fact the wealth belongs to God and a man has been granted proprietary rights only as His vicegerent. Yesterday this wealth was in other people’s possession, today it is with you and tomorrow it will pass on to someone else. Ultimately, it will go back to God, Who is the inheritor of everything in the Universe. Only that portion of this wealth will be of any use to man, which he spends in the cause of God during the period it is in his possession.

The great thing about the human species is – that we the fortunate ones – can stand up — for not the fortunate ones

Founder + CEO

Khalid Sheikh