Our Mission

The Noor Project mission is to equip impoverished communities with tools to escape poverty and become self-sustainable.

Our mission and ambition revolves around this effort of making families self-sufficient that we can only continue with your help. We function because we believe, and have seen, the impact that is made for poverty-stricken communities as a result of giving the right tools and guidance: a more prominent change emerges that empowers the communities to thrive in the wake of poverty, disease and lack of education.


The Noor Project aims to raise the marginalized families above the poverty line by supporting the families for the short term, and by striving to make them self-sufficient during their enrollment in our programs. We enroll families in the Noor programs for 3-6 months. Upon enrollment, we take care of families’ basic needs such as food, grocery, healthcare and child education. Meanwhile providing the adult family members skills to find well-paying jobs in the market.

To create self-sustainable communities globally.

To scale our services and facilities to impact more lives.