About The Noor Project


Message from Founder and Co-Founder

When we give someone charity, we should be thankful to them. We may be fixing their dunya, (worldly life), but they are fixing our akhirah (here after). The best among us are those who are best for others.

We are best for others and we will stand up for the less fortunate ones! We are thankful to Allah (Lord) for giving us the opportunity to be in this position we are fortunate. The great thing about the human species is — that we, the fortunate ones — can stand up — for the unfortunate ones.

Khalid Sheikh

Amjad Watto

Our Commitment

We are committed to seeing a new era of children and adults in our lifetime break the cycle of poverty and create a community that sees the dignity of humanity once again.

Our Mission is Rooted in Self-Sufficiency

Your collective efforts empower poverty-stricken communities with tools and resources. We believe that education, mindset training, and employment are essential to thrive.


The Goal We Strive Towards

The Noor Project works towards overcoming poverty, illness, and illiteracy with both short and long-term approaches.

Legal aid, mentorship and our girls’ orphanage help women reclaim their rights and build empowerment from a safe space.

Grammar school education, a food bank, and vocational training help the underprivileged build confidence and acquire skills without sacrificing their hunger.

The hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and dental service enable accessible healthcare to those in the community.


How Are We Assisting These Communities?

Our Focus

We aim at the root causes of poverty among families in Pakistan to stop the cycle from repeating.


Our well-experienced personnel evaluate the economic and social conditions of the families that come to us for help.


We enroll families into programs that meet their needs. Some of these, like vocational classes, can be 3 to 6 months.

Map and Directions

With Your Support We Can Reach Over 60,000 People

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