Food Bank

A top-line goal for us is to help allocate quality food to those who would otherwise not have access to it through the distribution of ration packets.

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Improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries by making sure they are fed through nourishing ration packages.
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Food Bank

Ensuring People Have Basic Necessities

The project started with the goal of helping improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries by ensuring they have the basic necessities needed for a person and their family to survive.

With so many hungry people in the area, we carefully choose what kinds of food are distributed through our ration packets. We want to make sure that our beneficiaries are not only nourished, but given the opportunity to enjoy full, tasty meals.


The Impact of Food Banks

Food insecurity is a major issue in Pakistan. Urgent food assistance from third party charities come and go. Impoverished communities lack accessibility to even emergency programs.

With the constant decline of the economy, prices of even basic sustenance have hiked an exorbitant 40-50%. Disruption of the economy due to natural disasters and inflation is pushing more people below the poverty line, and leaving others struggling to maintain their lifestyle.

Like everyone else, our organization struggles to hold onto the standards we have established. We now believe it is of utmost importance to not only maintain the quality of our ration packages, but also increase the number of packets distributed so that more people can be fed.

Our ration packets are made to ensure that the receiver’s family can have three healthy, sufficient meals daily for a month. On average, our beneficiary’s household occupancy is six people. That means more than 500 meals a month are designated to a single family, and each year we strive to add more families to our list.


Meals Served in 2023.


People Who Qualify Receive Free Vocational Course

A very important aspect of this project lies within the link we create with our vocational classes. People who qualify for ration packets may also have one able family member enrolled, free of cost, into our vocational program where they can learn a new trade within a duration of 3 months. This then helps them generate further income and improves the families future prospects as a whole. Once their member graduates from our vocational course and secures employment, the family is taken off the list for the ration packets and the empty spot is given to another family in need. The goal of our project has always been to help equip our beneficiaries with long lasting progress, ration packets provide instant / immediate relief but cannot be a source of long-term dependency.

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With Your Support We Can Reach Over 60,000 People


What Are We Doing to Assist These Communities?

Food Bank

Providing good quality food to those in need through the distribution of ration packets.
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Grammar School

Empowering children by providing education as an integral tool for survival and growth.
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Health Clinic & Pharmacy

The top-line goal of our project is to make quality health care available to those in need.
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Technical & Vocational Training

Provide the skills and training to individuals, to pursue their career in industrial occupations.
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Girls Orphanage

Providing a safe haven for orphaned girls with essential needs.
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Legal Aid Cell

Providing legal support and raising awareness about women's rights.
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Noor Izzat ki Roti

Serving the needy and hungry is of the utmost priority of The Noor Project.
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A tool to alleviate poverty, a way to empower our women to start their own enterprise.
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