Girls Orphanage

Providing a safe haven for orphaned girls, this program addresses their needs by providing housing, meals, education, healthcare and other necessities.

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Girls Orphanage

A Place To Call Home

Orphans in Pakistan lack any and all support systems—they are left to fend for themselves and suffer from malnourishment and illness. In many instances, these children are exploited for slavery and placed in other harsh, neglectful environments. Young girls face conditions worse than boys, often subjected to physical and sexual abuse.

The Noor Girls Home was created to ensure that these orphaned girls would not be deprived of a future. We believe every child should have access to a supportive environment, proper education, and basic daily living essentials. We provide all of these at our orphanage, with plans to keep expanding the space to take in more disprivileged girls.


Caring for Them in the Best Way Possible

A project like this not only requires great responsibility and care, but also great sensitivity when dealing with displaced children. It is important to understand that their needs and requirements are more complicated than those of an ordinary child raised in a healthy and privileged household. Owing to this, we do not think of the facility as an “orphanage” but rather a “girl’s home,” because it relays the very essence of what we wish to accomplish. The orphanage is not a building that merely houses these girls, but also provides them with a place they feel safe, loved, and truly cared for: a home.


The Impact of Girls Home

 Our capacity was originally capped at 80 children, and we are renovating the space to make room for more. We currently have 120 girls residing in the home, aged 3-19, and a dedicated staff on site at all hours for any and all of the girls’ needs.

In Pakistan, impoverished young girls and women live with uncertainty and fear for their future. Our mission is to empower and nurture these girls, helping them achieve their dreams while designing a path that leads them to a lifestyle of self-sustainability. In 2023, four of our girls attended medical programs and became registered nurses. We know that the others have equally ambitious goals, and we’re prepared to help them each step of the way. 

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What Are We Doing to Assist These Communities?

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Health Clinic & Pharmacy

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Technical & Vocational Training

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Girls Orphanage

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