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Education is the one thing no power can take away from you and we wish to help provide this integral tool of survival and growth to the children who have been stripped of everything else.
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A place where every underprivileged student gets to experience state-of-the-art education and facilities without the burden of fees.
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Grammar School

Building Future Leaders

Our aim is to provide quality education to our beneficiaries and help equip them with an asset for life. Living below poverty lines and struggling to make ends meet, we wish to create a schooling environment that not only becomes a haven for these children but also becomes a place that helps them build a foundation that will later assist them in breaking out of the vicious cycle of poverty their family is currently stuck in.

Another goal of ours is to promote equality and use whatever means we have to ensure that these children do not feel lesser than others when compared to children who have the privilege of attending private schools. We wish to create a learning environment that allows our children to see beyond class differences, and rely solely on the confidence of the merit they have.


The Impact of Grammar School

Our school is more than just a building; it’s a community of educators, students, and parents who come together to create a dynamic learning environment. From our experienced teachers to our state-of-the-art facilities, we’re committed to providing every student with the tools they need to succeed and every aspect of our school is a testament to the power of philanthropy.

‍The beneficiaries of this project include children from the age of 3 to 16 years of age. These children all belong to families that have had no prior education and wish to lead a different life now. These children come from neighbouring societies and villages because we not only provide them with free education but also provide them with a free meal for their lunch.

With a student strength of 600 and an additional 60 new students every year, we are dedicated to providing a level of quality education that matches the very best private schools.

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Underprivileged Students with a Quality Education

Noor Grammar School is dedicated to providing underprivileged students with a quality education. Our state-of-the-art facilities and well-rounded curriculum, which includes extracurricular activities, sports, and the arts, help students reach their full potential. We also measure progress through motor, cognitive, memory, and reasoning skills.

Help us redefine what it means to be an underprivileged student by donating to Noor Grammar School. Your contribution will provide students with the tools they need to succeed and make a positive impact in their community and beyond.


What Are We Doing to Assist These Communities?

Food Bank

Providing good quality food to those in need through the distribution of ration packets.
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Grammar School

Empowering children by providing education as an integral tool for survival and growth.
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Health Clinic & Pharmacy

The top-line goal of our project is to make quality health care available to those in need.
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Technical & Vocational Training

Provide the skills and training to individuals, to pursue their career in industrial occupations.
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Girls Orphanage

Providing a safe haven for orphaned girls with essential needs.
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Legal Aid Cell

Providing legal support and raising awareness about women's rights.
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Noor Izzat ki Roti

Serving the needy and hungry is of the utmost priority of The Noor Project.
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A tool to alleviate poverty, a way to empower our women to start their own enterprise.
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