Noor Bakery

Serving the needy and hungry is of the utmost priority of The Noor Project.

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Improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries by making sure they are fed through Noor Bakery.


Distributes 1,000 Rotis 

Noor Bakery

Serving the Needy and Hungry

Serving the needy and hungry is of the utmost priority of The Noor Project. Hence, to curb the threat of hunger in society, we have initiated ‘Noor Bakery’. The idea is inspired from Turkey and it primarily goes back centuries to the era of the Ottoman Empire. It’s called Askıda Ekmek and relates specifically to paying it forward with bread.

Noor Bakery revolves around the concept of a welfare society. The Noor Project aims to leave no person without bread. The idea is to put an amount of money in donation boxes on various local tandoors to donate bread to poor. The Noor Project provides you an opportunity to fight hunger and to pay back to your society.


The Impact of Izzat Ki Roti

The Roti Project started with only 3 local tandoors with a very less startup cost. This low-cost project would leave a great impact on our society because in coming years it would be giving 7.2 million people bread annually.

We have established a separate Department for Noor Izzat ki Roti and for transparency and smooth working, we have sales person and compliance officer under a dedicated / professional head.

There are 12,000+ bread shops in Lanhore. We aim to be in every shop by 2027 inshaAllah. With your support no one will sleep hungry.


Rotis distributed in 2024. Compared to 5,000,000 in 2023.


What Are We Doing to Assist These Communities?

Food Bank

Providing good quality food to those in need through the distribution of ration packets.
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Grammar School

Empowering children by providing education as an integral tool for survival and growth.
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Health Clinic & Pharmacy

The top-line goal of our project is to make quality health care available to those in need.
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Technical & Vocational Training

Provide the skills and training to individuals, to pursue their career in industrial occupations.
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Girls Orphanage

Providing a safe haven for orphaned girls with essential needs.
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Legal Aid Cell

Providing legal support and raising awareness about women's rights.
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Noor Izzat ki Roti

Serving the needy and hungry is of the utmost priority of The Noor Project.
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A tool to alleviate poverty, a way to empower our women to start their own enterprise.
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