Our Programs

Laying the foundation to self-sustainability.

The Noor Grammar School

Our K-10 schooling system provide young boys and girls with the tools for literacy and a better future. We provide Montessori Oxford level education, hot lunches and school supplies to young boys and girls.

480 students with 60 new students enrolling every year.

Vocational Training

The Noor Project provides vocational training programs for the adults in our community. We administer courses in the following areas: Computers, Sewing/Tailoring, Embroidery, Beauty/Barbering, Electrical, and
Plumbing. Our overall goal is to help our trainees develop a skill set to become self-sufficient and also have an equal opportunity in a competitive job market.

Clinic & Pharmacy

The Noor Project has a fully functioning and on-site clinic and pharmacy providing medical-aid prescriptions from doctors.

Our on-site clinic and pharmacy provide free medical treatment including medicine for over 400 patients every month.

Dental Office

The Noor Project has a fully functioning and on-site dental clinic providing full dental care.

Our on-site dental clinic provides free dental treatment, including medicine for over 720 patients every month.

Food Bank

In combination with daily meals, The Noor Project provides all impoverished community members with “Provision Packages” that supply basic and necessary food and hygienic items to assist in easing the daily struggle of surviving through poverty.

Our food bank provides nutritious groceries and hygienic supplies.

Feeding Center

We strive towards combating hunger in impoverished communities by serving hot, freshly made, and nutritional meals daily. The Noor Project does not discriminate or selectively offer free meals; all in need, regardless of age, gender, or religion have equal and ample access to our filling meals.

The Noor Girls Orphanage

At The Noor Project, providing a safe haven for orphaned girls is one of the many important causes we hold dear to our hearts. This program addresses the needs of our orphaned by providing them with housing, nutritional meals, education, healthcare, and other necessities of life.


Elderly Home

We provide a refuge for our neglected elderly population by providing adequate housing and the care that they deserve. Our elderly home provides housing, healthcare and other necessities of life.