Qurbani With Noor

Join us in the Qurbani Project as we spread the joy of Eid ul Adha by uplifting the less fortunate with dignity.


Double the Blessings this Eid-ul-Adha

This Eid al-Adha, 11.8 million families in Pakistan face the hardship of poverty and hunger. Many won’t be able to afford a meal. By donating a Qurbani through the Noor Project, you can bring joy and nourishment to these families and while fulfilling your religious obligation. Earning rewards and blessings from Allah SWT.
Qubrani Project

“Their meat will not reach Allah, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you”

[Surah Al-Hajj: 22:37]

Every act of generosity brings us closer to Allah (SWT). This Eid, remember the countless families struggling with poverty who cannot afford to celebrate.
Your Donation to the Noor Project ensures they receive a share of the sacrifice, fulfilling a crucial aspect of Sacrifice and bringing immense joy to their tables.

Qurabni Project

The Noor Project's Qurbani Impact: Sharing the Blessings in 2023

428 Beneficiaries Fed
624 KG Meat Distributed
80 Orphans Served
Countless Smiles and Prayers Earned

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With Your Support We Can Reach Over 60,000 People


What Are We Doing to Assist These Communities?

Food Bank

Providing good quality food to those in need through the distribution of ration packets.
View Program

Grammar School

Empowering children by providing education as an integral tool for survival and growth.
View Program

Health Clinic & Pharmacy

The top-line goal of our project is to make quality health care available to those in need.
View Program

Technical & Vocational Training

Provide the skills and training to individuals, to pursue their career in industrial occupations.
View Program

Girls Orphanage

Providing a safe haven for orphaned girls with essential needs.
View Program

Legal Aid Cell

Providing legal support and raising awareness about women's rights.
View Program

Noor Izzat ki Roti

Serving the needy and hungry is of the utmost priority of The Noor Project.
View Program


A tool to alleviate poverty, a way to empower our women to start their own enterprise.
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