“Education is a basic human right”

Yet those who need education the most – children living in poverty – are the least likely to attend and complete school.

Unfortunately, Over 22.6 million children aged 5–16 in Pakistan, including 5 million of primary school age, are not even attending school, and therefore do not have the opportunity to access any form of education due to poverty.

To play our part, we have established a free school for children of deprived families. Currently we have 480 students enrolled in a 20,000 sq. feet facility, with 60 new students enrolling every year.

To cater to this growing need we have initiated and project to build a larger state-of-the-art school facility of 20,000 sq. feet to enable us to enroll 840+ students.

Salient features of The Noor Star School:

  • Spread over 20,000 sq. feet
  • Multi-story building
  • State-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, computer labs, library
  • After school classes to help slower students
  • 30 students / 1 teacher ratio

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