Our Program

At The Noor Project, providing a safe haven for orphaned girls is one of the many important causes we hold dear to our hearts. The Noor Girls Orphanage addresses the needs of our orphaned by providing them with housing, nutritional meals, education, healthcare, and other necessities of life.

Our Mission

We aim to protect and empower our orphaned girls by providing them with love, care, proper nourishment, and the highest level of education so that they can evolve as a valued member of society.

The Noor Project With Your Help & Support

With your help and support, The Noor Project can ensure that each orphan is nourished with meals, a happy home, nurtured with love and support, and is offered every opportunity for a prosperous future.

Rewarding contributions start here

You can choose to bring a smile to one of our angel’s hearts by sponsoring them monthly, yearly, or contributing to a birthday or outing.

We house a total of 68 Girl

Sponsor An Orphan Monthly

$100 per child

Sponsor An Orphan Yearly

$1,200 per child

Sponsor A Birthday

$5 per child

Sponsor An Outing

$10 per child

Our Angels Deserve The Best

Since these girls became beneficiaries of our Noor Girls Orphanage, they have had great strides to their emotional and mental state as well as their physical growth. They are surrounded by children just like them, shown love and support, have friends, and are doing well in school.

The Noor Project Our Angels Derserve The Best